Magical stuff, man

This is what I love about tumblr and internet in general. Here I am, a 18 year old student, lying in my bed, getting ready to go to sleep, browsing my tumblr at 1:30am, when I see that shinjaninja is answering asks as Dave and Jade, and I send in one.

Literally after a single minute there is an answer and that is just so freaking cool, cause they are somewhere on the other side of the globe, in America, and they are doing this thing for me, they are making silly faces, taking pictures, because I asked them to.

Sometimes I get really really sad, because I am so far away from all of the other fans of my fandoms, and it is so hard to do cosplays here, because the resources are limited, and delivering stuff here costs a lot of money. But tumblr lets me connect to these people on the other side of the globe, and they make funny faces because I asked. And that is just fucking magic right there. Being so far away, yet still being connected.

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    this is fucking precious I can’t. :III I’ve seen the homestuck fandom do some cute ass shit and i get sad when people...
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    you guys are precious
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    The only word that could describe what I am feeling right now is just… Starstruck. With a mix of ASDFGHJK, awe and...
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